Community & Place

This is an employment-led proposal which would be supported by a new community based on garden village principles. This short film provides more details about the vision.

Jealott’s Hill has been the home of R&D for over 90 years and Syngenta is committed to being the anchor institution within the new Science and Innovation Park. This would be delivered in tandem with the garden village – the two are intrinsically linked. The new infrastructure, including education, healthcare, shopping, services, recreation and transport, would be well-planned and phased. The garden village will fund the facilities and multimillion pound package of transport improvements.

The Council's draft Local Plan outlines proposed policy requirements and, as the proposed allocation progresses in the Local Plan process, the project team would work with the local planning authority, the Syngenta team and the wider community to explore ideas as to how the development can evolve. Some of our early thinking is detailed below and ideas from the local community are welcomed.

A place to work
  • Provision of some of the most advanced lab and research space in the UK, attracting and helping to develop a new generation of environmental scientists and ensuring that the UK continues to play a leading role in tackling key global challenges in the 21st Century
  • State-of-the-art facilities for Syngenta as the anchor institution, as well as innovative workspace designed for complementary businesses, new research collaboration projects and innovative start-ups
  • Create a cluster for highly-skilled science and high-tech jobs and secure the viability of existing jobs
  • Generate jobs in business support services, maintenance and catering as well as new employment opportunities in the schools, healthcare and sports facilities, restaurants and shops
A place to live
  • Based on garden village principles, with a focus on placemaking and healthy living for the community
  • Well-designed and distinctive architecture, future-proofed over the life of the development
  • A wide range of density and tenure offering a full mix of high-quality starter, family and retirement homes, including affordable housing and elderly care to ensure whole life living
A place to learn
  • Syngenta already runs a proactive education outreach programme, hosting 30-work experience placements a year, delivering careers talks, teacher training, group visits, apprenticeships and summer placements
  • A new school is providing a high quality learning environment
  • The proposals will offer vast opportunities to provide inspiration for the next generation of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) employees
  • Schools would be engaged and involved in the development
  • More opportunities for Syngenta and cluster organisations to work collaboratively with Universities and academic partners on the Science and Innovation Park
  • Deliver an incubation, international learning centre and knowledge hub to harness entrepreneurialism and innovation
A place to thrive
  • A vibrant place with schools, healthcare, shops, cafés, restaurants and community buildings, sports and event spaces offering cultural, recreational and shopping facilities in social, walkable neighbourhoods
  • Set in ample green spaces, with opportunities for growing food and ecological features such as woodland, wetland and grassland
  • The successful Jealott’s Hill Community Landshare project would continue to grow produce and engage in activities to support biodiversity and the natural environment
Play Play
A place to play
  • For the first time access will be opened to 115 acres of green spaces, including a country park
  • A variety of play areas, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and safe places to walk and cycle will help people to meet and interact, creating a thriving community

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