Syngenta Crop Protection is collaborating with artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning company Insilico Medicine to accelerate the invention and development of new, more effective crop protection solutions that protect crops from diseases, weeds and pests, while also protecting ecosystems.


By bringing new solutions to farmers faster and more efficiently through innovation, Syngenta will help them meet the ongoing challenges they face, in order to enhance productivity and meet global demand for affordable, quality food.

“This collaboration with Insilico Medicine means that Syngenta can harness the immense potential and scope of AI to develop the next generation of sustainable crop protection solutions as part of Syngenta’s commitment to innovation and sustainability,” said Camilla Corsi, Head Crop Protection Research at Syngenta. “This will further transform agriculture by providing farmers around the world with the tools they need to produce healthy, nutritious, affordable and sustainably grown food in the most efficient way, while also minimising the environmental impact.”

Insilico Medicine has a proven track record and has delivered significant advances in pharmaceutical research, using AI and deep learning to design, synthesise and validate new ingredients. The same approach also has the potential to transform the development of new crop protection solutions that help keep plants safe, from planting to harvesting. Working closely with Syngenta, Insilico Medicine will use their AI-powered small molecule generative chemistry technology not only to invent molecules for active ingredients faster, but also actively design molecules that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

“We are very happy to collaborate with a company that is dedicated to developing safe and sustainable solutions for growers,” said Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, founder, and CEO, Insilico Medicine. “Our artificial intelligence is designed from the ground up to produce very precise chemistry to protect human health, while ensuring short-term and long-term safety. This expertise is extremely valuable for crop sciences, and especially so for businesses whose top priority is the safety of their products. Syngenta is a progressive company with many brilliant scientists, and we will be working together to use artificial intelligence for the benefit of agriculture.”

“Our reputation as a global leader in innovation is built on a foundation of collaboration and our understanding of the challenges faced by growers,” Camilla Corsi also noted. “Working together with Insilico Medicine, combining our skills, knowledge and technologies, will help ensure that new and more effective crop protection solutions will be in the hands of farmers sooner.”

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